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About  OKP4

OKP4 is a young and innovative French company based in Toulouse with the mission of promoting data sharing to create new knowledge and address economic, social, and environmental challenges.

The volume of data produced in all sectors is exploding, yet it is often underutilized and undervalued. OKP4 believes in the knowledge economy, a circular economy with infinite growth that values data exchange. Our mission is to create new value chains around data and knowledge by setting up incentive ecosystems.

For example, the OKP4 solution enables the creation of agro-environmental indicators that can better value milk produced with a lower environmental impact or optimize logistics flows.
OKP4 is a decentralized protocol that allows organizations to break down their data silos to better value them and also create Zones (data sharing ecosystems) with partners. Each Zone is defined by its governance rules: sharing rules and economic model. These rules are verified when creating new knowledge and each data or service provider is compensated.

To avoid technological lockdown and ensure maximum decentralization, the Data Platform is based on the open source and decentralized OKP4 protocol. The OKP4 protocol and its Data Platform are breakthrough innovations that bring together technical expertise in blockchain and tokenomics.

Founded by a trio of experienced entrepreneurs and experts in key areas of OKP4 (cybersecurity, AI, blockchain, Agtech), the company today has 25 employees and is leveraging its subsidiary in Germany to drive its international project development.

Job description

We are seeking a skilled CosmWasm Smart Contract Developer to join our team and contribute significantly to our development efforts. In this role, you will be involved in building multiple open-source CosmWasm smart contracts at the heart of the OKP4 protocol.

Reporting to the Blockchain Architect, your key duties will include:

  • Develop OKP4 CosmWasm smart contracts.

  • Participate in design decisions, focusing on creating an adaptable architecture that enables cross-chain applications.

  • Work closely with other team members, actively participating in code reviews.

  • Assist the community by providing comprehensive documentation.

  • Ensure code quality by applying DevOps principles.


👉 Hard skills:


  • Proficiency in Rust programming language.

  • Proficiency in GoLang programming language.

  • Strong knowledge of the ecosystems CosmWasm and Cosmos SDK.

  • Previous experience working with IBC.

  • Knowledgeable about principles concerning security, performance, and design.

  • Adept of clean code and best programming practices

Highly valued:

  • Involved in Open Source projects.

  • Significant experience in web3 development, with a strong track record of successful projects.

  • DevOps culture supporter.

👉 Soft skills:

  • Passionate about coding and an advocate of open source philosophy

  • Strong ability to work independently

  • Egoless programmer

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